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Much to be "Thankful for", TX

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

…contrary to much popular belief. It is always a matter of choice. So is one’s Lifestyle.   


“How would your life be different if…You stopped allowing other people to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions? Let today be the day…You stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others”
~ Steve Maraboli ~

A Lifestyle…

If one opened a can of gray paint today and brushed the above ceiling, that is exactly what the sky would look like. Add a temperature in the 20’s for the night and 40’s at the most throughout this day, and now appears the condition I call "cabin fever". In addition, while the desert winds have woken up furiously, my eyes are being rubbed raw by my eyelids from this new to me "non sense" icing on the cake called "dry eyes". Two eye doctors later, that is all they could come up with. Yet, I am far from complaining.



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Tomorrow all will change. The blues will appear and the thermometer will read in the 70’s, maybe even 80’s no doubt. It is the cycle here in Big Bend Flats, Texas. When I look at the country’s weather map I am even ashamed to write the above. Same feeling when I perfectly know that in a month or so [I think!] Spring will be here and once again our engine running on all cylinders called "freedom" will take us on those roads while so thirsty for them. Our bank account is overflowing with our monetary currency: "time". Withdraws will be of many as much interest has accrued.





The exciting part is having started a fourth edit on our book, an edit in company of a pen, highlighters of all colors and real paper. I have to call it "real paper", emphasizing as being such rarity these days. White sheets taped together which will probably end up being about 10 feet long. I roll it and clip it every night. It has become a fulfilling ritual. There is no doubt I will miss it when all will be said and done.

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The timeline is being redone. It is as having a flashlight with new batteries while navigating through tunnels. There was a timeline the first time I laid out the 90,000 words, but quickly, it did not take long for it to get lost. Seven years is a long time to write about. Some seasons got mixed up, the calendar’s numbers blurred out a bit and some months lost their titles. All is now being put back in their proper chronological order. Personally, it would not bother me if it was not, as Frank Herbert said "There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story". As I would also add "There is no real beginning. It’s just the place where you start the story". 


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I came across words from a good friend of ours the other day depicting a reality many avoid as if they had suddenly stumbled upon an alley with a large red "one way sign" ahead of it, and looking instead for a detour avoiding the slightest glance into its pavement seemingly in constant construction. It was a bit political, negative and eventually… depressing. A few days days afterwards the thoughts of re-publishing it here dwindled away. I don’t mingle with politics, even though some of the jokes I hear are pretty funny, like this one… No. Sorry, I changed my mind, I will refrain because some people get really upset. [I did change my mind, that is not the joke].

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I much prefer to call our interactions "humanity" instead, as in my book [just an expression, not the one we are writing!] that is what we are, "humans", and indeed, life is always under construction. If only we could all together embrace it as we navigate, the world would indeed be a better place. Being in a valley versus reaching a peak is familiar to me, it is just a path everyone travels on wanting it or not, and from the lower elevations of the soul to the highest focused spiritual mind, one meets the nicest people hammering away toward that "construction" we all need to take part of. So really, there is no sense bashing it and therefore my friend’s words will not be read on these pages. 


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silent auction

I don’t wear blinders, you know, like the ones carriage horses wear so they stay focused on their narrow path. I have learned many valuable lessons these past years. One being "pick your battles carefully", which these days since done even contemplating any notion of "battling", such lesson has no bearing on my life anymore. It is just a reminder. The other one is to look deep into the gray areas of other’s lives and thoughts. Their colors which might not match mine but must still need to be respected and I must say, it is a good feeling to do as such. As my own blinders have now been stored away years ago, what does one do when coming across another who might still be wearing them? Just smile… Don’t even say that joke which might still be in your mind like… It’s hard, I know it is. I am having to tie my fingers together to not write it!

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Life is continuing here with the chores always needing some attention if one wants to live off the grid. I am getting itchy feet as also is Spirit, him so ready to jump in his car and put on the miles. The cameras batteries don’t even need to be recharged lately. All soon. Again.

Stay well,
              Ara and Spirit