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The skies this week at “The Oasis”. TX

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Writing our book spanning 7 years on the road takes me to those past times when the future was so uncertain. As it is today. We never know the day before that day. The contents of this Journal are the photos of this “now” while writing this book. It is our magical surrounding.

Moonrise-3 xxx

“In these hours and days of dual solitude on the river, we hope to discover something quite different, to renew our affection for ourselves and the human kind in general by a temporary, legal separation from the mass. And in what other way is it possible for those not saints? And who wants to be a saint? Are saints humans?”
~ Edward Abbey ~ [Desert Solitaire – A Season in the Wilderness]

Moonrise-2 xxx

Moonrise-4 xxx

Moonrise-5 xxx

Moonrise-7 xxx

Moonrise-6 xxx

Players in the sky xxx


Sunsets xxx

Sunset xxx

Sunsets-6 xxx

Wings in the skies xxx

Morning storm xxx

Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit

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