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Third week at “The Oasis”, Texas

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Writing our book spanning 7 years on the road takes me to those past times when the future was so uncertain. As it is today. We never know the day before that day. The contents of this Journal are of the now when writing such a book.

“For the first time the sun kissed my own naked face and my soul was inflamed with love for the sun, and I wanted my masks no more. And as if in a trance I cried, "Blessed, blessed are the thieves who stole my masks."
Thus I became a madman.
And I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.
But let me not be too proud of my safety. Even a thief in a jail is safe from another thief.”
~ Khalil Gibran ~

Sunset-3 xxx

These days all have been a game of regaining a balance on this new path so unlike the almost now past 7 years. I hear with winds blowing in our direction the bikes going down the road towards Terlingua for a weekend bash. I know there is much music on the Porch, it is one of those musical weekend. Musicians from all over the place have come in to perform. Yet, we stay here for the much hours needed writing our Book. My experiences are now mental as we only leave this space once a week. Maybe twice. I do take in everything happening here though. The moon rise last night from behind Nine Point and this morning the moon set behind almost Solitario. Magical sights.

Sunset-4 xxx

I am still into our first year, that first year ending with the purchase of “The Oasis”, and starting to discover the faint differences in my mind set between then and now. My love for Mother Nature had always been there, my inexperience and lack of knowledge of destinations was also there, while missing so many treasures riding from point A to point B. Too many public spaces throughout that first year. The inability to find much free camping isolated from it all, while instead amidst much crowd and noises and sometimes even pollution we poorly tried to avoid.

storm-3 xxx

Photo in Smugmug Gallery

Learning to live on the road comes easy now, it was not as such throughout those times. We were moving on as having a list I needed to cross its names off one at the time. Sedona, Red Rock Canyon near by Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and more. Wonderful of course destinations everyone should see at least once in their lives as we did, crossed off now. Maybe off season. Yet, done, as today searching for more of the unknown, the what I call “buried treasures”.

Sunset-7 xxx

The weather is finally changing here with the nights being not cold but cool. It is that time to bring out the riding layers if we want to leave early and stay out late. I can take this weather all year round. It is perfect and so is this space. The silence has not changed, life has a bit right now. The simplicity of the landscape is the same. It can be seen in the photography. Anticipation of the pages written have rolled in in waves. I must write for so many hours a day, for so many days a week. I then on realized it was the wrong way to think about it. I think by the week now. So many words and so much of a timeframe from a Monday through a Sunday. This is all so new.

Spirit xxx

5 cheeses Tortellinis xxx

My times spend with Spirit does not suffer. He comes first. It is a priority for the both of us keeping a healthy mental and physical outlook. I could use his help as he does help. Moral support. Playtime is present and always will be. My own playtime has been taken away replaced with the memories while reading my own past words. Some cooking here and there. Most has been mainly replaced with peanut butter and jelly, much oatmeal. Priorities. I am 25,000 words into it.  

Old Faithful-3 xxx

Old Faithful-2 xxx

Old Faithful xxx

The entries written are passing by. I am amazed of all the places we have been, everything that I have felt, the lessons learned, and feel so fortunate I have kept this Journal going. Some entries surprise me as I had forgotten their content, the surprise is also the fact that I can vividly remember those past moments. I guess my memory is still intact. I think my Friend who is editing as I go along my blatant English grammar errors is having a blast, and it is now like having a great dancing partner. She knows I do not, as they say, “write properly”. The knowledge of French Literature has never left me. She leaves much of it alone, yet, over and over they present the same errors to the point that it is funny.


We did take a ride to Alpine a couple days ago. I paid the price with a bit more of back pain, but the ride was much needed to clear up the mind. A few errands, some great BBQ at the newly opened “Cowboy Grill”, bumping into friends, it all made it for a nice day. I think we will go on to Ft Davis next time and meet up again with Ron, the “broommaker” and his wife Marcha.

Sunset-6 xxx 

Till next time, stay well, stay healthy.

                                                        Ara and Spirit