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Bruneau Dunes, Idaho

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Paragraphs of Daily Thoughts and much Mental Therapy. Photos. Sometimes Videos. Published Weekly or so.

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"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens."
~ Khalil Gibran ~

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Thinking of Life as circles touching each other. Each circle filled with each of us in complete harmony. Spouses, Children, Family, Friends, Coworkers, acquaintances and even strangers all so unique in their own way. Filled with the laughter, the joy and also the pain as, as a package deal it is only the true meaning of this balance designed throughout the millions of years of this Universe in existence. New circles progress forming themselves while touching each others point through this time of ours, others existent now suddenly vanish with truly no explanation as only acceptance makes due without a choice ever. The path never stops as time never does neither.

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There can only be honesty I feel. Words are powerful and yet they need to be said, written, with thoughts however as none can be taken back. We are who we are, why hide it? Why the mask too often worn only to be a front of complaisance. No mask. If amusement it is, let it be. If torment infiltrates the mind, let it also be as all is part of the present with only one escape route yet not defined by the living.

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What does someone do while on the road? There must be many answers. I start wondering about my own replies. It is a busy Life. Setting up camp, cooking, Spirit, the mechanical adventures and sometimes also misadventures. A flat tire here and there, an oil change needed under a tree, some finer engine adjustments or plain maintenance. Lots of photography on our path, some videos, it is hard to mix them both with only two hands. Four would have made things easier for those hobbies. Writing my own conversations on this genial phone always tucked away in a pocket ready to receive some too often non sense, and yet, they are my own.

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I am still thinking about our logic while choosing of destinations looking for isolation and the beauty of the land all at the same time. Intuition? Words from others? Reading? Yesterday was intuitive as we arrived at "Bruneau Dunes". Must have been the word "Dunes". No mistake here. Idaho is beautiful. It has this calming effect on me and so does dunes. There was no choice but to camp at the State Park. A nice one, quiet and with real showers always welcomed.

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I needed this as the storms started rolling in. Clouds in their fast lanes, winds tumbling across, rain and cold as I sat sheltered and embraced my Soul detached from a mind struggling with a reality not yet adapted with. It was photos after photos. Contrasts of all shades of grays and blues while the Sun was not giving up it’s own struggle to peek through it all. Transported I was, there are not many words to describe the intimacy I was allowed to witness.

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Another 10 hours of sleep. The warmth of the sleeping bag is unlike anything else when slowly the eyes shut down while reading a good book. Half past sunrise time woke me up to now clear blue skies, yet the cold wind remained promising a good riding day. Spirit thinks so too as already with breakfast and coffee done, puffs of white clouds are emerging behind the dunes and on the horizons all around us as maybe a rehearsal of another show for tonight.

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Bruneau Dunes xxx

The ride embarked us lifting away whatever thoughts were remaining from the night. The back roads are of many almost demanding the promise to come back. It is farm land all around. The greens and the browns in patches so well defined from the hard work of the local farmer, the last breed of a generation present as the future in waves are pulled into the urban scene lured by a mind set of non physical work. We stop, we feel, the details stand out, we move on, maybe a couple photos. This is the real America, still. The Souls of the Earth at their best labor feeding us, supporting us, too often not vice versa.

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Now together for the weekend with some good Friends in Priest River, Idaho. I didn’t know it was that far. We normally do not move 530 miles just for a couple days as we will also stay with them in St Helens a few miles from Portland. It was too late for a better decision and the fuel consumption is going to hurt us this month. Compounded by another visit to a Dentist as a round of antibiotics has not helped the toothache now shooting down my arm. Amazing how daily the lessons just do not quit and new chapters are turning their pages with no rest.

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We fished much as I think I will continue doing so. Catch and eat is my motto. Catch what I can eat. Hopefully staying in one State long enough to be worth the price of an out of State License. More beautiful scenery off the waters, a fire going, a full Moon rising, some true conversation, all balancing this long distance covered. Crusty is being realigned this morning in Portland, the Dentist is tomorrow morning. I think Olympic Peninsula will be our destination for a while. Not too far and not too close.

Fishing at Priest Lake in Idaho xxx

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Stay well, Ara and Spirit

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