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Language of January Winds. Texas

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Paragraphs of Daily Thoughts, some Mental Therapy and some reviews of our “well seasoned” Gear, published Weekly or so.

"I do not believe in words, no matter if strung together by the most skillful man: I believe in language, which is something beyond words, something which words give only an adequate illusion of. Words do not exist separately, except in the minds of scholars, etymologists, philologists, etc. Words divorced from language are dead things, and yield no secrets."
~ Henry Miller ~

Farmers Market-21 xxx

The Photos in this entry are from Terlingua’s “Farmers Market” which takes place every Saturday, another ride in the snow, also more Music from New Year’s Day on the Porch.

Farmers Market-3 xxx

Farmers Market-2 xxx

Farmers Market xxx

From New Year’s Day.

There is no mistake that the pain aggravates the present times as the days of another January rolls on. The shadows of 2004 will never go away. How more strongly can anyone as myself choose their own destiny when the scars never truly heal. What does it take? This path chosen has been kind to us. We were both pushed towards that last balanced rock inching away down the precipice of the tallest cliff one could ever imagine. We rescued each other on that one day I remember being a Friday. And yet…

Farmers Market-5 xxx

Farmers Market-4 xxx

Farmers Market-6 xxx

The road has been filled with Wealth from within filtering from these sights which never cease preventing themselves because the walls are never present they themselves containing another form of weight called a normal and so mundane Life. Treacherous days swiping the past moments of such a Dear Life part of my own Soul, will never be whole again only filled as almost more violently of acute senses and see through realizations of another one Life today so inexistent.

Farmers Market-12 xxx

Farmers Market-11 xxx

Farmers Market-13 xxx

Farmers Market-9 xxx

It has been a trade. Today for yesterday as yesterday was not asking for today. The questions are not asked anymore as I don’t see its sense no more doing as such. Unsuccessful the answers have been. Priorities have changed as I watch others at times loosing their own sights of some aspects toward their own Life or complain about other losses so replaceable. It has almost become odd to be me. To be us. Bizarre often to be stepping through our own such vast World surrounding us. Values and a different Love has surfaced. It is maybe of a unique one as the so many players around do not see it or feel it and I would not want them to for these reasons. The reality of the true core of really what Life can be when the most Loved is no more but a memory within what is left of a wandering Soul. That is my own reason and always will be.

Farmers Market-30 xxx

Farmers Market-31 xxx

Farmers Market-26 xxx

Farmers Market-27 xxx

Farmers Market-16 xxx

So many Soul questions arise these times of this month as myself look backwards often throughout my own past written words. How interesting, to me, they are as so acute when I feel their meanings of those times, when I also look at the photographs specially in times of turmoil. I start wondering today who I have become and how I arrived here as the pages of the days gone by are so much more than just the physical scripted fonts. They are the mirrors of each step taken so deeply only felt by myself as the lining could and most likely only shows an Adventurer trekking. There is so much more to it.

Farmers Market-32 xxx

Farmers Market-35 xxx

Farmers Market-34 xxx

Farmers Market-33 xxx

Terlingua means “Always Music”, even at the Farmers Market.

The photographs, they startle me, they as empty me of any agendas and worries which could be present and they drop me so gently placing me in an atmosphere of pure wonder. The other side. The one so chromatic and intense, the one throughout a common vision hiding so well the deeper renewal of Life searching and seeking. They are liminal places so related to sensory thresholds barely often perceptible, a transitional period and a phase of a rite of passage. They are neither truly real nor imaginary. They are photos, they are the such middle region where my Soul gets lost and comes to Life. To the so many literal minds these photos may only look like a record of the past, but to the idyllic mind it is an uncanny presenting of Self and World that should be pure, deep and revealing.

Farmers Market-37 xxx

Farmers Market-14 xxx

Farmers Market-15 xxx

I dream a lot, I dream awake of the present path we are on and of the possibilities of the future spaces we will discover. Physical and mental. They will make photos as such completing the circle of thoughts when even more beyond that near future I will again look at them. Dreams complement the present story, they blend in harmoniously. They dissolve the harshness of the Heart and only then the ascent to a higher above step can take place. The present that emerges from the pain deconstruct an existence which should not be laying on that other side of the wall and again can flow clear and cool as in reflections in calm waters where it breaks apart, shows itself for what it is and on the beginning of each day the push of a new start.

Farmers Market-18 xxx

Farmers Market-17 xxx

Farmers Market-25 xxx

Has society so much changed or is it only me looking in from a space beginning to feel so far from it all? Has it become so log-jammed with ideas that have lost their liveliness? Ideas which might have turned into slogans, party lines and mere opinions with shallow foundations? Has Life turned into being self-protective, deadened and unthinking? What happened to honoring the eternal ideas and values supported by an intelligent appreciation of the past? Futurist so much seem to be present devoted only to the newest and the latest. My present is here, my memories also are. They blend in and the words are written into this language. It is as simple as that. 

One more ride from the past snow.


“COSMAS” Boots. “All about our Gear”


It absolutely feels strange I must say to be writing in such details about our well proven gear on the road, yet, this way around I will not have any Editors or Magazine Owners complaining. The biggest complain has always been “too poetic” as I always replied “well, I understand a pair of boots or anything else we use for that matter might not be poetic per say, but it kind of is when being an important part of the Journey plowing ahead and doing what it is suppose to do”. The bottom line truly is that I am not a Magazine writer unless being allowed free reins or minimal editing. I know what they want and I cannot give it to them. Nice and dry… as in “just the facts”. I do not see my World and it’s components used daily being expressed as such. It is about sharing and helping others get the better gear, what really and honestly works as it has to for the both of us. 

Vulcan Boots A

These boots came about when meeting a “smoke jumper”. Yes, one of those that jumps from planes into fires to put them out, and we started talking about gear which led to the Vulcans by Cosmas which also by the way does make motorcycle riding boots under the TCX name. My first thought was “they have to be comfortable for hiking and at the same time offer an incredible protection for those Firefighters” as myself can only carry one pair of boots besides moccasins which folded do not take up any room, are light and great for around the camp when not riding. My next thought was “they have to be the best as in waterproof [as all our gear must be] and resilient to much abuse”. What a great “cross over” to riding they must be adding the fact of being pull-ons with no buckles to deal with.

Vulcan Boots B

I have never been so pleased by a pair of riding and I must say “all around” boots. The full-grain leather is comfortable, the molded removable heelcup and arch adds to such comfort also being anti-microbial, an important factor when wearing them just about every day, as my socks are which I will write about another time. They keep my feet warm and the upper mesh window provides a cooling effect on hot days. Most important specially for shifting is the incredible abrasion resistant toe cap and at the same time even being of a stiff construction they are flexible in the forefoot and shin area allowing a natural flex also for hiking. There was barely a one day break in time as right away they promoted a natural walking motion with high ladder grips preventing any slips. I feel as they have been a real “find” for me. There are more specs in the photos above, many more details. I do know those are “it” for me. I don’t have a single reason to give them up or even look for other boots. I was only told by the Company that they are always improving them, maybe then.

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