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“Terra Explorer”, Salem. OR

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“By the accident of fortune
a man may rule the world for a time,
but by virtue of love and kindness
he may rule the world forever.”
~ Lao-Tse ~

Being so close to Portland we visited our Friends Rick and Shelly near by. I had met Rick a few years past while camping. 5 days of conversations and his Gift was the “Faith of Life”. The Music this time around is from one of his Son’s, Nick, singing a “Gary Allen” song called “Right where I need to be”. Thank You Nick. Wishing you much deserved success.

Nick Heil

Yes, we came to Salem for a transaction. To take possession of a Ural "Gear Up", a Special Edition designed for us with true Adventurers in sight and in mind called, the hack that is, "Terra Explorer". It will be "Terra Explorer" #1. We arrived a bit too early, the reality of it being the delivery has been delayed till Wednesday. What is a few more days? Many Friends never met offered their Homes in Eugene, in Portland and even in Vancouver, Washington. A few also never met stopped by and such pleasant and enlightening chatting went on for hours. 

TE-9 xxx

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Yet, something else happened on this path of discovery we are constantly on. Something unexpected. Getting to know Jim, the Owner of "Raceway Services", a Premiere Ural Dealer with their own after market parts mostly in house manufactured. We have been invited to stay in his beautiful Home and you can imagine the luxury Life we are right now at this very moment living. Our own bedroom, bathroom, fenced yard… yes, all the conveniences one by habit throughout a Lifetime totally overlooks. Flushing a toilet, hot water, a shower anytime and of course, my favorite always, a "toaster" in this well appointed kitchen. Spoiled as Spirit has taken possession of the carpet. 

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Jim is 79 years young. Jim has polio and many other ailments and is bound to a wheel chair and lives in pain from back surgeries day in and day out. He was a racer all his Life, he was even a Go Kart World champion a few times. Over 100 trophies line up the walls of his shop and home. Our lives parallel a pain that present moments will not quit serving us. We are faced with this constant choice to give in or take in. Our conversations these days have been of many. They are and have been beyond acquiring a new vehicle and I am glad we arrived early to get to know him and have the honor witnessing a slice of his Life and admire this personality which will not quit moving along without a complain, but a smile 6 days a week in his Shop where his employees are Family acquired over the years and his Home with it’s open doors.

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He is and has become my Hero as his sharing is endless. Today is Monday and generally as it must also be with many businesses, the "complaint" day. The complains are within their descriptions irrelevant. They mostly are the results of lack of maintenance. It is a vehicle after all, it has nuts and bolts of many (as my good Friend Paul always says), failures are bound to happen. Words are thrown from customers, e mails on their downsides are received and yet, no one truly has taken the time to reflect on their own lack of action toward their vehicles and also mainly to take the time to discover who this Man truly is as nuts and bolts can be and are fixed.

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I watch him watch the races on his big screen television which he cannot hear too well these days. His face lights up as suddenly he is transformed into a 20 year old with a grin and eyes that light up the room. I feel his energy, he knows all the tricks of the track, he knows the names of the racers and it is always a short time before he tells his own stories. He shrugged his shoulders many times when we openly speak about his condition. It is his reality as well as my own is and as much as yours also is. Grab Life by the horns and go on moment by moment. It is a common choice we have made as neither of us will shut that door, the one opening on a stage sometimes too often not quite fair toward us all.

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But is fair "fair" however? Is there a "Life’s Maintenance" Manual that describes and maintains a theory that each day within ourselves will have blue skies and fair weather?

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We are back on the road. The recent days are not a blurred vision, only the weight felt onto the shop in 3 days getting "Terra Explorer" all accessorized and road worthy. Robert, Kurt, Toni and Karen and Robi. Non stop from crate to finish. Bolted on, cut, welded, machined, soldered, all was endless and in a couple days the first service and final touch up. We escaped toward Detroit Lake. No GPS, just a map and for that matter not even a detailed one. I am trying to move on as we did in the good old days. Map and compass. I have become too dependent on that screen glaring at me while watching it in too much of a constant manner.

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I forgot I use to depend on the locals as I did today while the campgrounds bordering the Lake where bumper to bumper. Not ever our cup of tea. The gas station attendant guided us well sending us on a dirt road into the National Forest toward Opal Lake where more smaller unpaved roads branched off. So incredible to have reverse as a weight has been lifted, an apprehension I would call it. Very amazing.

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I feel as being again back home amongst the trees, the sound of water running not too far from us, the tent is set up, cooking gear is ready. In my constant efforts trying to be on the road with less I did good this time around as everything has changed in the packing logistics. A new list and map will be needed. I forgot a couple items. We have already gone where “Old Faithful” would have not gone. The path ahead has just become “deeper”. Much to look forward to ahead of us.

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“Old Faithful”, regardless, is being missed while stored in Lander, Wyoming. I hope she does not read this entry….

Be well… Stay well…

Ara and Spirit