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Our “Fate” in Albuquerque. NM

Friday, April 13th, 2012

“Fate plays a crucial role in most dark nights, and it pays to have respect for the role of fate and destiny in our lives. We are not entirely in charge. Sometimes it may be our task to cooperate with signs of our destiny, even when we would rather move in a different direction”
~ Thomas Moore ~

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Some 42 years ago I landed in “Philadelphia”. Somehow this song, a duet by “Mark Knopfler” and “James Taylor”, called “Sailing to Philadelphia”, reminds me of those times. Has been a long road since.

[audio: Sailing_philadelphia.mp3]

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3 days of wrenching. The heat has not let up and yet, as a gift served graciously, as soon as "Old Faithful" was ridden to "The Oasis", a nice and beautiful storm mixed in with strong winds and rains came down upon us. The skies played for hours, and even into the late night the Moon was hide and seek with the lingering clouds. All passes fast here, nothing last too long "up there", and today, while packing for Albuquerque, the heat makes again it’s mark. I start thinking why am I unpacking and repacking. Why do I even think as such when I know the answer? It is the only way while we stay here some times throughout winter times even though this one went by so rapidly since also having spend much time in Death Valley. An experience still embedded in my mind as I know when the opportunity arises, we will go back, this time with a different outlook, definitely a better mental approach.

Old Faithful

And I think some more… "we have to come back", after our presentation in Albuquerque. A few loose ends! It suddenly does not make much sense being on the road and "having" loose ends. I think some of those got away from me. Maybe the general consensus is just to go on and on but it does not work that way. There is always "something" that needs attention. Could be a Dr’s visit, a mechanical maintenance, [that was a big one!], this and that. The miles accrue as much as I try to avoid gas stations. I wonder about this summer, how kind will the prices of fuel be? It reminds me of I believe about four summers ago when we sat tight in Escalante, Utah. We were lucky. In all directions destinations were present within a few miles. I am thinking the heights of the Colorado Mountains without pushing any further North this time.



Many forest trails passed Lake City and Lake San Cristobal before Creede. Right in between. Many creeks as water will allow us to stay longer without an urban visit, not that Lake City is much urban. I have good memories of the area. It will all work out I know. Thinking too far ahead. Having a hard time packing. I like to pack and leave. I cannot pack ahead of time as we use everything we have. There are no duplicates. I suddenly thought it was a strange notion to live as such. Year round camping gear! Not much is designed for the abuse I give it. Morning comes fast, stayed up too late.

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The road was kind and thoughtful. Suddenly the sight of the many crosses on the side of the road in this State of New Mexico arise for some reason. Some are white, some are blue, some pink and some black. Most are ornate. They have tinsels wrapped around them, fake flowers that withstand the time unlike the ones gone now replaced by "that cross". There were a few with small alters, a statue. Some States only allow a "generic cross". Not here. Who were they? What happened I think as we ride by and others fly by probably never noticing. I nod my head. By respect. It does not matter what happened. They were beings like you and I. Now they are gone and we are still here.

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I pass a few buildings wrapped around by shiny and glaring fencing in layers 3 deep. A prison. More beings Life took away. The crosses are in the open air, the inmates are between the walls. Something is wrong with this picture. Has anyone reached their destinations? This is Society, slices of it even on the shoulders of these roads they are to me so noticeable. Maybe not to others. Has the World gone numb? We had to jump on a Freeway for our last leg and the speed of everyone else around us is much faster. We are keeping at a steady 65mph and the entertainment is to watch others pass by. The trucks shake us, I look at their tires. I know the strength of a blown truck tire and hope it never happens when near by. More than painful it would be.

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We have arrived now. Sandia BMW. Everything happens so fast. From one moment to the other a major catastrophic event. "Old Faithful" limped into the Dealership with the sound of broken dishes coming out of the engine. Not again I thought. Not now, not ever. And yet, who am I to decide the fate of it all?  I am just along for the ride, smooth often, bumpy at other times… bumpy right now. It is bad. Everyone here has bend backwards and already have had a scope into the engine. The space which has never been opened for 280,000 miles. It is dreadful. As I listen to the initial verdict my heart is pounding. Chain guides, chain tensioner, all is missing. All is laying at the bottom of the engine that needs to be cracked open. Metal debris. There was no maintenance which could avoid this situation. Age it is. Miles. Years. Compression is good on one side, very bad on the other. I really just want to walk away when I hear "engine rebuilt". Just walk away when I realize even though considering the enormity of the situation, where we are… A great BMW Dealership and we are not stranded in the middle of the Desert.


It is the morning after. The presentation is tonight. The landslide has grown overnight. Mentally. It now faces me even harder. Once again I am not prepared for this. I was, all my Life as then on all vanished replaced by an inner Wealth, one which is not going to help much at the present. And yet, it does, magically, a Friend which will remain anonymous has come forward to loan us the finances for a rebuilt. A used engine or another used motorcycle is not an option. “Old Faithful” has to survive. It will take at least a couple of weeks. Another Friend is coming by Thursday to give us a ride back to "The Oasis". The kindness of our Karma so quickly made it’s way in less than a day. How to handle all of this now, suddenly. I am bit confused and "grateful", all at the same time. I am drained and feel as my courage needs to blossom even further and so is so much with "Old Faithful" sitting there all alone after giving so much of herself to get us here. Clanking but rolling. Maybe it is my inner Wealth that is taking care of all of this. It is our fate. With a capital “F”. More on the presentation later. It was a full house, standing room only. I truly enjoyed sharing this path we have been on.


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