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Imprisoned in my Freedom, Escalante. UT

Monday, June 27th, 2011

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” ~ Winston Churchill ~

Sunrise on Moley Point

The 200 miles of past riding, the first ones since the breakdown, wide opened an array of thoughts never present when the circumstances drop on us a halt from our path. So much has happened. One step forward at the time the matters are handled, there is no room for deviation or a change in course, no allowance sometimes for a breather, all is a must, not even a short introspection of one’s self. Such times brings back the pages of my past Life, the long chapters never written down, only acted upon again and again. One often does not know any better. Sometimes the choices are obligatory. We try to catch the waves and surf their crest with the best of our abilities, thinking they are when we have not yet tasted a different stage we might only think or dream about.

Mokey Dugway-6



I have tasted that Dream I embraced a few years back, I embraced it not by choice but only out of desperation of those past somber moments, the day that arrived as I still remember it, it was actually late at night when the lights went out and darkness prevailed with no hope or faith toward any future even so if only slightly uphill. I am on the verge tomorrow to jump back within that Dream made into a reality of these past years as today, right now, after these weeks of obstacles pulling us out of it I more strongly than ever realize there will not be any turning around for us.

Mokey Dugway-5

Mokey Dugway-7

I turned to then what I knew best. A slice of Life I could relate to, dropping the calendar, the clock and only following what Mother Nature’s weather would dictate. Her landscape never failing, the long and winding roads adorned with beauty to the eyes, wonders of sights which slowly shed an inner meaning to the days developing one moment at the time, one colorful often aspect after another with no time frame even if so those parameters sometimes fail due to unseen and non comprehensible acts of just "it is what it is" with a due acceptance rolling them off our back and moving on trying to overcome.

Mokey Dugway-2

Mokey Dugway

"There" is a space unlike others that I finally discovered when "out there". It is like no other. I yet cannot define it as it is such an indescribable state of mind and body all in one. It has the worth of abandoning it all and finding myself with the bare minimum sometimes even knowing such minimum could be, should be, less than less. It is a taste which redefined Life itself as never experienced before as it is against everything programmed in ourselves since the beginning of our first breath we take. It is as the first breath we take, it is the circle closing in forming this loop back to the beginning making me realize how in vain I so hard in past times have tried to close it over and over to no avail. The Heart feels free in such space, the breathing is easy, the mind is uncovered opening up to thoughts never alive in past times. It is as an outer body experience yet guided by my own flesh and blood.

the road to Escalante-3

the road to Escalante-2

It is early morning now and the cold has made it’s presence finally to meet me replacing the leaded weight of the past insufferable heat of these past days. The skies are mixing their colors throwing in a bit of crimson, pink, blue, grays as the sun is adjusting moment by moment it’s intensity all always so perfect and delightful to the eyes and all of the senses in a well rounded manner lifting my spirits to a height I have so much missed in past weeks. Silence prevails, total and uttermost noiseless stage with only the morning choir of the birds tuning their notes as always rehearsing for the perfect concert and their endless curtain calls."Now" is more present than ever as I sink in and fly up all at the same time with this smile on my face and within my Heart toward this core of Life I never stop seeking and experiencing.

The road to Escalante-6

The road to Escalante-5

It is, it is, I have once again reached "it". I never want to leave, how can I ever turn around? How can I ever deal again with the lid of an urban debacle which at times presents itself with no choice when the path I so long for present times itself too often lately. My hunger is slowly appeased, I am devouring every instant almost apprehensive as thinking subconsciously too far ahead with the unjustified fear of the fear this will not last as a certain incertitude had made it’s way only saved by Friends I had never known so strongly would themselves come forward to allow me to share such a stage.

Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail

Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail-2

We left Show Low in late afternoon to avoid the same heat which seems to have followed us. We rode into the night trying to reach Muley Point, to witness a glorious sunrise in the morning with the thought of sleeping under the Stars in the bevy bag, no need for a tent in this weather. The Sunset while riding through the maze of the standing monuments looking upon us so slowly their colors turned our ride into an eerie one, fixation and thoughts of another Planet suddenly transported on. "Old Faithful" was purring, never missed a beat, Spirit neither, his nose in the air revitalized from this present link so much missing these past couple weeks.

Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail-6

Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail-7

The winds were howling and as much a I was looking forward riding up Moki Dugway in the dark to later on turn into the road leading to Muley Point, we turned around, not a safe move tonight "being up there". Downtown Mexican Hat we end up, tucked away on Main Street, in front of a closed by now Restaurant, an awning, a couple picnic tables, Spirit is on his pad, I am getting ready to slip in my sleeping bag and hopefully wake up before their breakfast bell. What an adventure! We found a home for the night, that is all that matters as we will roll on "up there" to catch my favorite Sunrise before we head out to Escalante through Torrey.

Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail-24 Long Canyon ~ Burr Trail-19

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Sunrise on Moley Point-7

Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage