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Sunday, March 28th, 2010

“Each and every day the sun will shine, though in it’s wise dense murkiness the clouds may obscure the orb of Life, but in return they bring the liquid of Life. One without the other is barren, of joy.” [quote]


This must be a low these days for myself and a high for Spirit. That is what counts. Him. He ran a few steps this morning as myself crawled, hardly breathing trying to avoid the third watermelon landing on my head. Breathing is difficult and food is not appealing to say the least. Two eggs and some cheese melting with a tortilla is on the fire, have to get that down before swallowing more pills. The horizontal position is already appealing and we are only into mid morning. I hope my energy increases, this is not even mentally acceptable. We will get there again, only now little set backs to make us appreciate what is ahead.

dog on a bike  
dog on a bike  

Sitting outside tonight, witnessing some of the last sunsets while still here. I know I will miss them as I always do while we can only be in one place at the time. I need to think of a better health care for myself. My Dr’s visit showed excessive weight and a not so good liver functions results. I am being taken off a couple meds that control cholesterol and triglyceride levels as they are hurting the liver. Just a big "whammy" I call it from all fronts and I know what to do. I have been using the excuse of being here and not having the best variety of vegetables and fruit to only quite eat unhealthy for myself I should say. Those eggs and cheese should not be on the fire at the present time. It is of course not true, we do have fresh produce in Terlingua and Alpine. Everything bad for my health tastes so much better and is so much more fun to prepare and eat. So… 28lbs have to go as to not reach the number 200, so close by 2lbs, which has never happened before. I could not even blame it on the boots that day, they were off and there was no winter coat. I am lucky my Dr thought about this Liver function test.

Visitors bikes  

So that is never good news, but, one has to hit bottom it seems like to spring back upwards as I will do. I am actually happy that I have bronchitis, those tests would have never happened otherwise. The path is good, the positive side always emerges to make us better. I intend for us to go on as we have been a while longer for sure. What other Lifestyle could we now have? Another day has arrived, Spirit is moving faster, I am moving slower! It is just for now. I still prefer it this way. I am hoping we make it to Terlingua today after some visitors from San Antonio showed to brighten up my day, our day, and load up on vegetables and fruit. Have to start somewhere. Anything grilled with olive oil and garlic taste good.


Of course a run to Terlingua takes all day. This chatting we get into when no clocks exists I think is one of the amazing factor about being here. We meet the nicest people, as this time while at “Many Stones” met Nicole from “MotoQuest” aka “Alaska Rider”, Motorcycle Tour Company. Motorcycles, Dogs, Adventures, all in common, much to talk about. We had to go however, do my first healthy shopping of which tonight was zucchini and carrots sautéed  in olive oil with garlic and lemon juice added at the end, side of plain brown rice. An apple is waiting for dessert. How exciting is that? It was actually a feel good meal, I will compromise to no end to stay healthy even if it means to again leave behind the good butter, half and half and so much more. Not worth it.


We end up stopping at their camp site on our return to also meet Rob, the other half of “MotoQuest”.  Destinations, Journeys, all over again we could not contain ourselves from blabbing away. They had been places we had not and vice versa. I ventured to honestly say that a “tour” would never be of my taste of traveling. I am too much of a pain to ride with, too many U turns and too temperamental to be followed or follow another taillight. I guess I have been behind in my “tour” definition as they encourage everyone to ride at their own pace and stop as often as they need to, with the help of a map of course, except in South America when nearing towns as to keep the group together. Well, all accommodations included, support vehicle, it really did not sound too bad to venture on in that fashion in foreign lands. Maybe some day…

Nicole and Rob  
Alaska Rider MotoQuest

The conversation went on to the safety factors as even in this country as I experience it “all has changed” and changing rapidly. It is a fact to not be ignored. It is reality sinking in. Camping gear, motorcycle and all belongings are more of a prey than in the earlier days. Such was the case when camping near by Mt Rainier as the Rangers showed up one day and told me they “busted” a meth lab only two miles from our campsite, on Federal Land. A very uneasy feeling sinks in. Similar situation when inquiring about all the free BLM Land south of Sedona, AZ, as again by Rangers was told not to camp there as the vast neighborhood land was now the number one meth lab capital of the country. I am not making this up. We leave much behind when hiking for the day and every evening or night when returning there is always this little bit of apprehension wondering if all will still be there.

OnGuard locks  
OnGuard locks  

We do have a new “sponsor” these days, “OnGuard” locks and chain and you name it, and besides the fact that their Logo I feel in conjunction with Spirit’s image is very funny, it will at least give me a bit better peace of mind when locking unfortunately what is left behind. I think their presence alone would make someone think twice as their looks are pretty intimidating, it would take a lot to remove such locks and that in itself will be a plus as we move along in a few days.


Healing and more healing. There is light at the end of this tunnel that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, however a good reminder to get back on a healthier track, amazing how the warning signs appears.

Till next time, you be well, always. 

Ara & Spirit

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