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Saturday, August 29th, 2009

“There are parts of the earth’s surface where the spirit behind appearances seems to be closer, where a welling-up of power is felt, where the walls of the materials are thinner.” [Quote]

Hotel Meade  
Inside Hotel Meade Dishwasher in Hotel Meade

Bannack was a few days ago. These are the remaining photos, but the words ensuing have nothing to do with that space which now lingers daily awaiting the curiosity of many as myself did. Mother Nature spills on me of many feelings that I acquire. Strangely enough it happens when one takes the time with her as I do so often. These are some of my thoughts tonight having spend some time with her… 

Kitchen in Hotel Meade Hotel Meade

I am not ungrateful, summer and it’s long days have been rolling right along, past winter’s thoughts have indeed materialized, and more. All has been well, sometimes the coin has flipped, sometimes not, I ride both sides of it. We have been welcomed in many places by Mother Nature and Dear Friends, made some new Friends, we also have been unwelcomed by others, not so dear Friends, not worth even writing about, as minutes past are water under the bridge. Few are the ones without an agenda and can look at others straight in the eyes from a vision that comes from the heart. But they are there, we have met them, and they are cherished when they enter our Lives, both Spirit’s and mine.

Found in Visitor Center  
Jailhouse Inside Jailhouse

I always try to take a step back, I am not unsociable, Spirit even less as a lover of all, even when someone as the other day approached him calling him “doggie” and to go on telling him, us, “oh! you are one of those people killer dogs”. This man wanted to be our Friend, he had claimed his world was of the outdoors and filled with the knowledge of animals. I despise ignorance, I try to think about it as “misinformation” of some, but when that person still stands feet away from being reached by him being on a leash, and raises his eyebrows contrary to my explanations, well… I have no time to waste my breath trying to convince such “then” ignorance.

Inside Jailhouse Inside Jailhouse

I take a step back because I feel so strongly about the fragility of Life itself. “Hurt” has filled my cup more often than none. I do have my awareness prevalent to the fact that I am not singled out amongst the living, and yet, I find out too often it is only human nature for a path to be suddenly unpaved from others doings, for reasons still so obscure to me. We each have so much “quantity” and “quality” of our own mind and consciousness and awareness to nurture, develop, maintain, explore, enough that could keep us busy for of many Lifetimes. And yet, it is the “others” so many are so concerned about, crawling into their lives and turning over the stones that one thought at one time would be the solid foundation of their own.

Bannack's Church  

I guess all this could be the reason, maybe is, of so much disharmony in this World of ours, sadly enough as so rare are the good news. Of course “bad news” for above reasons always travel so much faster than others. I have a thread on a Pit Bull Forum called “Always good news…”, I like it’s title, I feel brightness, clarity when even such so called bad news can be turned into a positive aspect of “good news”. So to get back to the above, we have amazingly traveled a bit again these past months, on a scale of 10 we have found some hundreds, and yet, none presented itself to me as “the part of the Earth’s surface, where the Spirit… seems to be closer” as ” The Oasis”, a bit south of us with it’s thinner walls.

Inside Bannack's Church Inside Bannack's Church

Valley of the Gods has always been a close second I must say, as again we will visit Mother Soldier and her Children soon, next year anyhow. Gravelly Range Rd is a close third, we are moving on however and it’s space demands more time which we will give gladly also soon. So many other spaces in Utah, as also Toroweap, but “one” I feel strongly, needs to bond, to feel and experience any kind of spirituality emanating from below and above and around when present, as I also feel so few are willing to dispense with such time. Again and again I find as so many diverging their own energy towards others in so too often a fashion I dare to not approach.

Bannack Bannack

And I know now, for one because of it’s location, this vortex “The Oasis” resides in it’s soulfulness of the ground on which again we will spend time on. But it is not all as I have often tried to understand why I always felt the power of it’s Spirit lingering stronger than ever. I do not allow what I call “the exterior forces” to penetrate it’s walls. It is an entity so hard to discover, to, as once in a Lifetime I feel lucky it has happened. I do not allow any human presence with any ill agendas to soar even at any height possible, as “that” also has happened when I have really not known with which clothe someone present was made off. I keep that space clear of an wrathful path that could take away the last breath of a Life with “hope” which I try to mold within this Journey of a Lifetime. 

Bannack Bannack

I am too harsh? I am too unrelenting ? Asking for no lies, no games, respect, no gossips and only as above hugs from unsoiled hearts? I am being too selfish wanting to again reach a livable floor only attained by those steps I am now on but which in near past collapsed on me? I have to admit that the bulk of Life tires me dearly. I have grown older with a certain ability to see through the near by souls only willing to play games for coming up a winner as if such Life had a score to settle!

Bannack Bannack

Old feelings which over and over surface as I like to put them into words for myself, as myself reading them often enough, finding out eventually of my own “rights” and “wrongs”. Decisions are made as everything else around me spins with much force, so fast that I so often realize with much thankfulness my standing still trying to heal a piece of my heart absent I know now forever. Much freedom through these days is what I know. More than many as it is not as much of a physical freedom, but mental more than I can ever imagine. I have found myself however at times taking a path and wondering so quickly if I had at the time of my decision any real presence of mind. It could have been anything… an evening of get together with maybe others not well known to me, or even if so, maybe the wrong time for us. I am now finding it so important to truly accept or not accept such decisions with a true heart, as suddenly sitting and internally yawning I find to only be sociable can be such a waste of time.

Bannack Bannack

I find it humorous to take such steps, to be where one does not want to be, only because seemingly it is the right thing to do. Or is it? or was it? We took a ride today up the mountains, two dead ends, two roads so isolated that even silence was quiet. I stopped on the way back as the sun was setting yet on a glorious day, the face of the opposite mountain was lit in all hues of pinks and reds and colors I could not even imagine existed. As the coolness of the evening rose up and starting to bundle up not wanting to leave, I remembered when I stood just not too long ago and out loud called “Montana…”, remembering how we had finally bonded. Tonight, I said my good byes to “Montana” and my “thanks” as she has given us so much in only such a short time.

Bannack Bannack
Bannack Bannack
Bannack-37 Bannack-38

She brought on the words above as she is rugged and soft all at the same time. Summers with her mild temperament and yet one can always see the scars of winter. She is friendly, she is welcoming but only after getting to know her as then her embrace is immense as her skies are. She is independent and will only come to you when you come to her. She has been a new face I have finally seen within Mother Nature, my Friend, my companion on this Journey to no end. And she has taught me what is above…

Taco Bus  
Taco Bus Taco Bus
Taco Bus  

The Taco Bus in the midst of Dillon, you can’t miss it if you follow the speed limit and your nose, it the BEST of the BEST authentic Mexican food I have ever had. Such a shame that I discovered it so late, one more day here, maybe I can squeeze in one more visit!

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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