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Friday, June 26th, 2009
the teeth  

Tuesday, June 23rd, morning. Shade is very good. I have a tendency to forget. Yet, Spirit does not. He is my teacher in so many ways. I met this gentleman last year who took a couple steps back when he saw us. I took a couple steps forward and his last sentence of our short conversation was “dogs over the centuries should have never been domesticated”. I know this has nothing to do with shade. There are times a smile is needed, maybe a grin in that instance? There are times when refraining from further steps forward is also a great option, always wondering how this person’s Life is developing throughout his own span. When the wall is so solid there is no common sense portrayed, the tunnel has no shade and it’s dead end can only prevail. It was a similar experience when I read about this dog breeder when he wrote to me regarding his preference toward his two motorcycles versus his dogs. Yes, his machines stood there quietly while his dogs required some poop cleaning, feeding and accrued
veterinarian bills. Lines of a bad play? No… Only reality in someone’s sad Life… and then again who am I to judge.

old faithful  
the rock above camp  

I felt strange, odd, this morning using my electric tooth brush. I feel even more out of place using my Iphone to write this while around me stands the red 150 million years or more rock formations. And there also stands at rest for now and baking in the sun, the maybe not so advanced technology of Old Faithful. But above it all the chipmunk is here eating Spirit’s couple left over morsels, he himself switching between sun and shade. Every time I talk to him lately, that would be Spirit, he plainly yawns. Sign of the times? Every time I move, the chipmunk runs back to his shelter about ten feet away. There is no advanced technology with those two… What happened to us? As I well know I am not the only one utilizing these, I must say, wonderful double edged “sword” gadgets. I photographed the chipmunk, now, today, so everyone can enjoy seeing him. In past centuries it would have been a social talk around the fire… Or, maybe dinner. Meaning dinner the “chipmunk”. How things have changed.

campsite tear in the rock

Bees gather around water. All these years camping I never knew that fact. I had left Spirit’s water pouch a few feet from the tent while napping and a buzz woke me up. Hundreds of bees in and around the pouch was the scene. What to do but kick it a few times, a couple nice words to calm them down as I truly believe they listen to the human voice, and move it far away. We have water here, I can only fill it once in a while for Spirit to drink and when done empty it. Red ants, flies the size of small birds and bees are our daytime companions while we sit in the shade which to quickly moves away making room for the 100 degree current daytime temperatures. I finally decided after all these years that I prefer cold and will never complain of it while remembering these few heated days. Days which I understand will get worse starting tomorrow… Tomorrow when we start our trek back to Lander and most likely the Grand Teton looking for this free camping space by the Snake River I was told about. Sounds like Paradise to me…

Lake Mead  

Thursday, June 26th, evening. We are now back in Lander. Have no had much time for photos or writing. Time, my luxury. The one I pay for daily. How strange this has been, it is as Life was spend on another Planet these past days. Much realization on how our Journey is now spend. My world is “slow”, very slow, savored. I have enjoyed so immensely the company of my Friends. Bill from Florida, Paul and Ludwig and their respective wives Gabriella and Renata from London, and last evening Louise and her husband Shawn when we stopped in Salt Lake City and spend the night in their beautiful and gigantic 40 feet converted bus. It was a new path these days, a fast one, one that made us derail from the present one and tonight I am more than exhausted. It was the Life I lived before, a normal one by everyone’s standards as I came to find out how much I have changed with the pace we now experience. Today’s Movie is not in slow motion… it is their’s that is on fast forward, and yet I know, that point can be argued.


Friday, June 27th, morning. The body is still beat, my mind is numb, it is searching for the parameters of this zone we strayed from as seemingly too many miles too fast too quick had taken their toll within my energy today totally lacking. Some rest is due, I learn so much every day, the nuances of time spend seem to have such a great importance. I am waiting for those cells to regroup, for those photos to come up soon as they will take me back to those great moments even if they were a bit hurried from our now comfortable space.

the road back  
white flowers  

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