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Desert Rocks Music Festival. Utah

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
Desert Oracle a Desert Oracle c

I easily figured out that calling this chapter “Trigeminal Neuralgia” or “Life on the road at St Mary’s Hospital Parking lot” (Grand Junction, Colorado) was just not going to make it. Sometimes one cheek gets slapped, but there is no true sense offering the other one for anyone’s taking. So I remain true to my good memories of the Desert Rocks Music Festival we attended for just a few hours in between a couple at the time Advil’s intake. My present daily dosage of “Neurotin” is now starting to alleviate the pain. It feels as I have had about ten cups of coffee, a bit shaky, typing is fast but not precise, this is all so new that I don’t even know where to begin, what plan of action to take or even what to think.

andre carrie a Andre

My good Friend Andre, here with his wife Carrie, managed to produce a Media pass for us and I say “us” because Spirit truly was the center of attention… of course I am used to it! Yes, Andre is the same one that came to visit us at Valley of the Gods with his very elaborate trailer/tent camper and lets not forget his state of the art potato gun.

back stage d  
back stage e back stage g

Again the camera was pointed at new elements besides Mother Nature even though the setting was in a beautiful Canyon, a bit south of Moab, at the end of a few miles of dirt road. What can I say about such Music Festival? It would be wrong to elaborate that no one would understand if one had not experienced the 60’s. Wrong because it was “youth” that was around and made the big numbers of the crowd. It was nostalgia for me, it was indeed “Peace and Love”… it was the memories of an era within which “Woodstock” made it’s mark now trying to be revived by such Festivals.

back stage a back stage c
back stage b  

Music from afternoon till morning, vibrant colors and odd shapes of shelters, long hair and short hair, colored hair and colored clothes, the pictures are of many but lack the outpour of feelings felt that day from everyone around us. Smiles and welcomes and “come on in” everywhere, walls non existent any more between everyone strangers with each other only days ago, now Friends for ever as their path even within society when gone will always remain marked from their imprints. How strange to feel always so comfortable within our own isolation, but suddenly wishing we were still there. The togetherness even is hard to describe in words.

concert a  
dancer a dancer b

Everyone was everyone if that makes any sense. It was a space seeked often seemingly many found their way to, a space so enjoyable, it was as transported in a foreign land where all is well, all the way it should be as some of us seek so strongly this Peace and Love we at times cannot find so easily.

Dragon a  
Dragon b  

There was “Dragon” from Bisbee, Arizona. His endless Art work on his pick up truck has been a work in motion, doodling as I called it, never knowing quite the next design will be such as Life itself never knowing the next facet presented. Maybe some I thought will take a step back or frown due to appearances. I myself took a step forward instead never fooled by the cover of any book one can hold in their hands or minds. Of course Dragon does not look like you or I, I can only think that it takes courage actually to present themselves through Life as he does, as also as his wisdom is in parallel of his persona, something one would never find out with a step back.

beads Dragon's front store

He sold beads, jewelry, artifacts from all over the World. The prices? just about what you could afford. I have many of those beads myself, someday when I stop by to see him in Bisbee I might then purchase a few more. Some day… A fantasy land it was, mixed in with the reality of the present so real in front of us.

camper a cowboy hat
umbrella man young girl a
the ears flame helmet she

Even my Friend Andre wore this propane powered helmet with flames and all… and I have to say that everyone was so willing to have their pictures taken…

flame helmet  

Tomorrow we are headed toward Gunnison, Colorado. I am actually planning where to go as I called BLM’s office to find out about land available for free camping or at least moderately priced. This is not the time for us to wander aimlessly trying to find a peaceful space, start recuperating from this affair, get used to the medication and go on toward our new adventures which will also take us to Wyoming soon.

solar boom box a  

A solar powered “Boom Box” made all with parts found everywhere. This one is for my Friend “Ryan” who helped me so much with my solar system at The Oasis, Ryan also called “Mc Gyver”…

solar boom box d solar boom box g
solar boom box f solar boom box c

I had a surprise this afternoon. A phone call from another rider I had met in Moab, Barbara, member of a great riding group and Forum called “Motorcycle Tourer’s Forum”. I had stopped to of course chat at the time and see who they were being together with such an assortment of bikes which is something I really like. She obviously reads the Journal here and noticed that our SPOT has been parked in front of a Hospital now for two days… not a good sign as she was concerned. Humanity at it’s outmost care I find on the road. I will take this time also to thank everyone that has written with their own concerns, I yet have to find the time to reply all, thinking that the replies can be right here in these words. I do read them all however… always wishing that Spirit also could type a bit faster and help me with all of this…

campground a  
first aid swimming pool

What else can I say, I move through Life with feelings so amplified by other’s kindness, I see the road is now paved, some cobblestones here and there, lined with thoughtfulness never experienced and affection never felt before. As Lance always said, I can only repeat his own words “It’s all Good”… Thank you.

sol kitchen swing
guitar players Hayven_

Peace and Love

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Be well…

Ara & Spirit