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Thawing the old bones here, Tx

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

It must be nice to understand a lot of things I don’t, and then again I like my tunnel of thoughts to be only half full…


Crowd the mind when trying to uncrowded? These past weeks have been, considering the destinations, too cramped for my own taste, as a stop for premium soul fuel at times filling up with diesel when calling for unleaded, raising many questions. This space here, now, demands a certain discipline if I am going to accomplish what I need to do, and not what I want to do. I understand that much, as before even considering what I have done for the day, I am grabbing the camera for the always grand finale of these daylight hours, the sunset. I have become more demanding in my destinations, without a doubt. The beauty and grandiose stages of tourist destinations are being banned from my routes. What remains are the few jewels left unknown to many, often tips from the locals or as you readers knowing of such existence. They are always welcomed.



It could also be what no one sees, no one stops for, a landmark many pass by without even the blink of an eye toward it, maybe a weathered common bridge or the remains of a dilapidated structure no one has taken the time or effort to erase from it’s surface, but yet offering it’s past history to the taker. I live for the now but wonder where Spring will take us. What new path will we discover or visit again such as Whitney Pocket, Toroweap, Valley of the Gods, Muley Point and I forget a few. The ones that are sometimes not even on the map or if are, isolated enough to allow one’s senses to take it all in.



I am always saying that I am afraid to go back to Utah! I am afraid that again we will not leave. It is a State I am to savor and has been tasting as good as a five star nine course meal, year after year being served on a silver platter never lacking its incredible colors, shapes, tastes and it’s own existence. Just go I tell myself, look at the map where there are no dots, lots of greens and browns and reds, and that is where we can park as we will find that wild stream or hills and mountains inviting us to stay a while.



The map is up mainly because of 4 incredible and desolate roads we took coming back here the other day. A words of caution… have fuel. There is no gas station in between 10 and 90.. They are 290, 349, 2400, 285. I did not stop many times to take some photos, I was trying to make it back by sunset, but a road to definitely ride again, plunging in deep canyons with many curves and many offshoot dirt roads spanning the whole area. We came across a bridge, a common bridge, one I don’t think anyone would stop, and for that reason I did. Tired of rushing the past weeks to get to a sheltered destination just about every day, this time I knew The Oasis would be waiting even if arriving in the middle of the night.



I wanted to photograph this bridge unlike the common shots I have taken in the past too many times. The colors of the faded paint, rusted out in more places than one, the sun was up, it was like a visual puzzle I could play with. And why not, have a little fun with the camera while warming up a bit.




Today the temperature hit 100! I was escaping the freezing air just a few days ago and I think the bones within must have still not thawed completely. I was out, arms open, welcoming the hot rays. Oh! How good that felt… I remember just a while ago, the same scenario would have seen me run into an air conditioned space. The winds picked up a bit, it’s coolness welcomed throughout this well done afternoon. Just a few miles away, I also remembered laying on the rocks thirsty from the drought but offering some quiet times filled with much thoughts, always thoughts of the moment in this mind of mine I try to never keep filled more than half way up. The Texas Hills of days past and off season also had their quiet and thoughtful spaces.



My favorite photo was in Leaky while fueling up. Another dog obviously wanted to ride back with us. I asked who’s it was, the reply was of some local kids that will be back soon. Spirit was not very happy which surprised me as normally he loves to play with others. But, this was “his car” and by the looks of it all, only maybe because I was around, he put up with his distant cousin. Best temperament and friendliness I have seen as I was so sad to leave him behind. I had to ask someone to hold him while we took off as I could not stop him from jumping in the car! What a face… eyes and colors.

-1495 2 dogs

Unpacked, yet not caught up with e mail replies, needing to go to town for some provisions and no thoughts yet about leaving. The day ended with a gift for our first night back here, the sunsets never fail. Fingerprints of the day, they give me much to think about…

-1525 -1539
-1534 -1536

This is were we are… for those who have been here, enjoy the memories, I know they are always fond of your presence. For those never been here… what are you waiting for? Traffic is still the same… zero, the weather? best of it all… the scenery? you be the judge.


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Be well…

Ara & Spirit