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Thanksgiving?… Cow Head Ranch? How about both! Texas

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Some days are truly special. From sunrise up the path is paved, it is wide and free feeling, the air is clean and the breathing is easy. You are with Friends dear to you, they are indeed your Family, time slides by as suddenly that time itself is coming to an end and you wonder if now your cup is full. Much needed our’s was. Paul and Voni Glaves, Kathy and Rob and her Mother Anne, we all have been through, due to me… their “high maintenance” Friend as I now call myself, through thick and thin lately. Today was joy, today was laughter, stories, maybe some good lies and definitely some teasing. Kathy’s niece Ceara has joined us and I think, hope that herself has found this golden pond of Life so few even get a glance at.


  dinner a

The food? well… when one’s heart pours into it there is no better tasting prize at the end of the day. I would have started with the Desserts myself! Pumpkin Turtle Cheesecake and a great Pecan Pie, home made of course, that is what we do in the desert here. That was Ceara’s contribution as now I feel sorry I did not take some left overs with me. Paul and Voni did the rest besides an appetizer that I prepared.


Could it be the same man that fixed “Old Faithful’s” clutch now carving the Turkey which he cooked all night? Would you trust such a man?… I did… we all did and moist and tasty it was. Again I knew I should have taken some with us… regrets, now that my waist has a bit thin down since this afternoon or could it be because for some unknown reason a button popped!



Miguel is a rider from Madrid, Spain, on a 2 months tour of the southern States coast to coast. We have been e mailing prior to his arrival and of course he was invited to join us at this once a year traditional festivity. He was thrilled as Spain does not celebrate Thanksgiving, the highlight of his trip as he explained and he himself will have many memories to take back with him.


We had it all this day! Voni looking “urban” and beautiful as ever. Will save this photo as the Lady is generally in her riding or working accouterment. I think we all did a double take. Considering the day, we even had beautiful real dishes and real silverware, what more can one ask for?

spirit a 

We had a confrontation… a mean Pit Bull and a Desert dweller that had made his way into the house while we were eating. Since this Day is called Thanksgiving, Spirit gave him a break and only curious let him go on his merry way.

Rob riding

propane tank  

We had Rob go for a joy ride on Voni’s BMW sport bike… Poor Rob is bikeless at the present time, hopefully not for long as you can see even from behind his helmet “that grin” from ear to ear only riders can understand! And of course here is the sight of my favorite propane tank… in BMW colors painted by the same man carving the turkey!

cowhead ranch h

cowhead ranch i  

We then had to work out this massive intake of calories and we all decided to take a walk down the road to the Cowhead Ranch were also food was displayed and everyone is always “welcome”. I did not touch the food! Cowboy Chris and Rita are the owners, this is were Miquel is staying and also were I will send all my Friends coming for a visit since I do not have yet any facilities as much as I would like to. It is 4 miles north of “The Oasis” and truly quite an experience if you want to relive the Old Texas days, with however a bit more comfort, but yet in a rustic and true to the old days environment.

cowhead ranch a

  cowhead ranch b

The Ranch is “true” Texas and besides it a photographer’s dream. Cowboy Chris has hand built it all. No machines, no drills, only the basic tools and it is expanding by the day. Little cabins, heated. Hot shower, a Social Club presided by…

cowhead ranch c  

A Saloon, dogs are roaming, chickens, a couple rescued longhorns, horse rides are available, goats… overall actually a more interesting place to stay than here at “The Oasis” as the discoveries do not cease, even for myself as I need to go back again and find out what I missed.

cowhead ranch d

  cowhead ranch e

A beautiful day, the sun was going to retire soon, it was time for all of us to depart as we finally felt semi human after all the food intake. Miquel went for a ride down to River Rd, we walked back to the Glaves, gathered and back to “The Oasis” feeling so good after such a day amongst Friends. Not much more anyone can wish for.

cowhead ranch f  

cowhead ranch g

As we rode back, Spirit and I, to our welcoming grounds and sat side by side as we often do at the start and the end of the days, a time to reminisce about it all, a time to think how thankful we are just being here, the final gift of the day made its appearance as I have to retract what I have said earlier “I will not take sunrise or sunset pictures anymore!”. I hope all of you have had such a wonderful day, it is all within, it is all with Friends and Mother Nature surrounding us… “Thanksgiving in Texas”, it does not get any better.


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