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People we meet and a bit of Monument Valley, Utah

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

These tittles help me find myself later on in the Archives! We have been back to Bluff for a couple days now, sheltered again more or less, the wind still finds its way through the Canyon creating some turmoil but this is an improvement. I think I lost track of time again lately after arriving here, easy to do but it does not last long when I know we still have not seen certain aspects of the region. I am going through a serious slump with my photography lately, might have to do with the fact that I am  meeting some serious professionals with equipment that makes me drool and I will not hide that fact. I look at their web site and, well, they have been at it for 10 years… 35 years… who am I to complain! The weather has not been conductive either to good photography or maybe it is all mental, I don’t know… sometimes I wish I would have Photoshop like everyone else and hey!… lets just change that sky color!!! Patience is a big virtue in Photography… one reason we have been back to Monument Valley twice since we have left Valley of the Gods…

To MV 3

I know… the classic shot that everyone by now has as a screen saver!!!… Am I being too hard on myself? Maybe! I like the unusual, the eye catcher, the picture close to my heart, as the ones that will be in a Gallery, an Internet Gallery… which I will post the link as soon as it is completed, it won’t be long. The first evening we went to Monument Valley, again the sand was blowing so hard that the camera did not even come out of its bag. Cannot even trust the weather sites anymore. But it was a nice ride struggling the steering with a different arm each way.

To MV 1

We stopped at Leah’s Taco stand first, generally my daily stop in town… to chat, and it gets spooky sometimes to hear a voice from behind going "Hi Ara… how are you?". Turns out to be Keith and MJ, they have been reading the web site for a long time, from Grand Junction honeymooning here again as they do every year for the zillion’th time! Recognized the ADV (Adventure Motorcycle Forum) on their snazzy vehicle as I turned around… I was safe! Awesome couple which I hope to visit someday when in Colorado. Now you know their Life story!

Keith and MJ

More chatting… we have to part, and a few miles down the road some cars are pulled over and I slow down as I always do for… the tourists. A bit of dust to find out of some real Cowboys and their dogs at work. Of course I have to stop also as Spirit wants to check out his cousins. Those dogs, well, they are something else. Non stop and at the same time keeping their distance from those horns they earn their keeps and I know they are well taken care off.

Cowboys 1 G

Cowboys 2 G  

Cowboys 3

There is no doubt about the fact that going through the country at our pace one can see lots going on. A few more miles down the road, one more stop, actually a U-Turn! A rider on a penny farthing… (yes, I just learned that word myself!). So it is Joff and I was left speechless by his own Journey… around the World. His third try from England. There are no "speeds or gears" on it, pure muscle power and I truly felt so guilty having an engine. This is his web site and adventures he has had! He left home for the third time May 1st 2006 and so far 16,000 miles later he is here… You just have to read his route… It is unbelievable, a nice and humble mid thirties young man with more determination that I can ever imagine.

Joff 2

I was so startled that this is the only good shot I got of him, he might still be in town tonight and I will go look for him, it is not every day that one meets such a real Adventurer.

commercial 1 G

You would think that would be it on the road, on our way… not quite. We then bump into a crew, also from England that was taking shots for a Buell commercial. They were here for a few days, this is just one of the bikes they had where the rider that day, a professional racer, was taking the pictures himself. Nice people, of course I did not want to be in the way as you can tell… 

commercial 2 G  

commercial 3

I think that was it for the road side attractions… on to Monument Valley, that was the second evening, the quiet day. It did not take long for many to want taking a picture of Spirit…


To MV 2

This was Ken Sklute, and as I found out by looking at his web site a great Photographer. One might think that all Wedding Pictures are the same… not his… or any of his other photos. A very humble man who also gives classes, which would be for me such a treat some day, and as much as I know that images are subjective, I don’t think one can resist his Photography, they truly touched my senses. He promised to send me some of the shots he took of Spirit… that also will be a treat!

To MV 10

This above, the South window has been my favorite view, specially as the sun was setting trying to figure out being out of the shadows. The road into Monument Valley, the tour itself is a bit rough. I would not recommend it with a street motorcycle as they also have rides in open trucks, with of course not the freedom to stop anywhere for as long as you want, but it is an alternative. It is about the most I would want to take Old Faithful on.

To MV 11

Night time came quickly that day, too many stops on the way, but we were there for the sunset and on that quiet day and you had to be there to feel it all. Electric heated gear back on, Doggles and helmet for Spirit, we headed back to Bluff, a nice 50 mile ride illuminated by all the headlights… we did not miss a beat!

To MV 7

Our plans were to camp at Monument Valley, I think that has changed as I just looked at the forecast. We were in company of many balloonist this morning in Valley of the Gods which I will post the pictures next time.  We might slowly head back to Moab with a stop at the southern entrance of Canyonland, Needles. In the meantime we are going to hang out here a few days… right now go to town see if we can find Joff!!!

You be well and stay well…   Ara & Spirit

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