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Arriving, Tybee Island, GA

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

It has been a bitter sweet day. On this fourth Lance’s passing away Anniversary, the moments have been filled with conversations with my mother, tears and laughter mixed in with a rainbow of emotions made us forget the 300 mile drive or so to Tybee Island where we are now. She has the ability to bring back the happy moments of the past, the funny moments as Lance is a funny young man with such a dry sense of humor. You had to know him to appreciate his ability to make you laugh without even cracking a smile! looking at you with those beautiful green eyes, talking and reaching with them deep down into your soul. Wonder where that came from! It is the first time in years that I could smile about those times, as yet so confused toward those events.

No, we did not solve the why’s and the how’s, nothing is much clearer… but I am so happy that right here, next to me, my mother was sitting with the ability to totally relate to my sorrow and vice versa. Like waives crashing down, the valleys and the peaks will not subside to make it a calm water shed. Maybe the older generation is stronger, maybe because they have seen and felt so much in past hard years, maybe they have that ability to be… I don’t know what the word is… stoic about it? Accepting? for reasons of having themselves seen so much harshness and death in their own Life, but as me, still not understanding this one facet of Life that leaves me in such an emotional turmoil.

bird 4 bird 2

The only gifts remaining besides her presence, which we need to manage making it more often, a hard task since she lives in Munich, Germany, are Spirit… my faithful buddy who has been so patient these last days and so well behaved… and Mother Nature always kind enough to lay out her incredible sceneries right out of her palette. My thoughts and sentiments on this day also go out to all my friends that share the same situation. I am glad to have met them after writing about Lance on January 26th 2007 as they came forward, to themselves share their own tragic moments within this Life filled for us with so many question marks. As someone wrote to us today " don’t think for a minute you are alone"… thank you rboett…

mother 3 mother

And now that day has also passed. The skies which have been gray since we arrived suddenly have turned to blue as the sun has finally made its appearance. Lance is always here, he is starting another year in exile, he comes and goes, he watches upon us, I know he does as truly I am never really alone. Another year will go by, and the moments will move forward missing him more and more, I can only hope that he is roaming on the path of a better World where Peace and Harmony are the only constants of his After Life. He loves his grand mother and his father, he will keep us company more often I think, listening on our words as he would be here…

bird 1  

bird 3

We have just settled here, we will have a car tomorrow and are planning much sightseeing in Savannah, St Simon Island and wherever else we have time to go to. I am a bit disappointed to the fact that dogs are not allowed on the beach… winter time or anytime. I even stopped today and asked a Police Officer, he felt for us as he is not in total acceptance of this "dog law" either. The City does have a park where dogs are allowed and also a a nice fenced run where I will try to take Spirit everyday for some stick and ball catching. St Simon and other Islands do allow dogs on the beach… I will from now on remember this as a question to ask. My mother was very nice about it offering for us to just move to a totally different area. I said that it was alright. We have many destinations besides the beach… she is settled in and even though she is doing great for 80 (don’t you think?), her strength is just not what it use to be.

bird 5

We took a walk to the pier together and this time seeing the Ocean on the other side of this Continent reminded me of the good old times when we lived not too far ourselves.

pier 4 pier 5

It seems that Tybee Island is under renovation… we will visit the lighthouse which was being painted on the street, a nice mural brought some colors to the area…



Going back in time a bit, below, some pictures taken in Atlanta on a very cold and windy day!!!…

And now… about mothers!!!… well, mine anyhow. Not seeing each other much often lately has made our get together’s a bit tougher. I love my mother, I respect her immensely, this is a woman who has been single for 46 years making it on her own in a country where I feel Life is a bit harder than here. I cannot help thinking the void she will leave the day she also departs from us. It is not constantly on my mind, but Life thoughts does bring them present at times. But… and there is always a "but"… isn’t there?

ATL Blg L Atl Bldg R

I have learned to listen with passive reactions these past few days… It has been hard, I agree to that, as… my mother rarely agrees with anything that I have ever done in my Life. And of course, maybe, looking at the years past from her point of view and philosophy, it has not been very conventional. Living on sailboats did not make much sense… of course riding a motorcycle, we won’t even talk about that… taking 6 months vacation per year the past 20 was a very irresponsible act… and of course it was, instead of building up a nice financial portfolio. Mostly it is the present, when I should have waited another 3 years or so for my retirement (which how much will "that" be worth by then…) before embarking us on this Journey. There should be logic in what one does, sometimes there is just not much of it as I have moved through the years with sentiments I think more than anything else.

Atl Bldg 6  

Atl Bldg 5 

These past years have been hard, mentally, and I have no regrets regarding our Life on the road, the opposite remains, I would not trade this Life for any other and if the fact is that we barely make it through, well, let it be as it is… one day at the time. There is much to come as I try to explain her, we have barely just acquired the knowledge to live on the road, school however will never close and I think that is her worries. Because mothers worry… that must be their main purpose in Life, to worry about their child, specially if the child is the only one they have and having lost their only grand child.

Atl Bldg 4 

I have no clue what tomorrow holds for us… my logic does not impress her, because there is none. I know that she wants the best for me. She even talks marriage, house… restaurant… and I listen, and I listen again as I know that I will these coming days. And that is fine… real fine, as one day, I hope not but Life dictates it, I will miss "this listening".

Atl Bldg 2

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