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How was your Christmas? Tx

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

The day is almost over, we only wished a Merry Christmas to a couple campers near by, there is no one else around here, and of course my best wishes went to Spirit! We have just started baking the Peanut Butter Spirited Doggie Treats, as he has the title of "Official Tester", today we made a huge Treat! Must have weighed close to one pound… So we went outside and between his drooling and tongue smacking action I did have a chance to snap some pictures… before he attacked his present.


We had our first, sort of, break down this morning as I had left the furnace thermostat on. Totally dead household battery. Cranked up the faithful Honda 2KW generator and still, the fan goes on but not the heat. Do you think by now, 12 hrs later I know the cause of the dead furnace? Absolutely not. The RV Forum has been very helpful, but the opinions have been mixed. Some say that the furnace will reset itself and should run without a fully charged battery, and some said the opposite. So we even fired up the big Onan 4KW generator and still no heat. I think it does need a fully charged battery and this one I believe is fried even being a deep cycle. A pathetic one household battery when I should have at least 4 times 6 volt Golf Cart batteries… Luckily no one is around and I will run the Honda all night and use our electric 1500 Watts heater! So we are packed… as we never left for Acuna. We are going to Eagles Pass where the town across in Mexico is Piegras Negras, a nice size town. We will have the battery checked, might have to buy a new one, hopefully the furnace will fire up… I just do not believe in coincidences… dead battery must equal dead furnace! good battery = good furnace! That is my logic… will see how well that works in the real world tomorrow!


We made… keep saying "we", but this was "my treat"!!!… this great shrimp salad. HEB had some small, not that small actually, shrimp on sale for under $5 a pound. I will give you the recipe now as it is so simple and is only a template if you want to do it your way. A couple diced roma tomatoes, one diced avocado, about 3 sliced green onions, a nice handful of chopped cilantro, a couple finely chopped cloves of garlic, the juice of 3 to 4 key limes and some olive oil. It actually tastes better the next day! So that is gone… munched on it all day! Cholesterol can take a back seat on Christmas Day.

We have to finish the tour of the Whitehead Museum now. This was the office of Dr Simon Rodriguez who has the distinction of being the first Hispanic Dr in Del Rio (1925), and is credited for delivering close to 3000 babies! Very well preserved office in every details, still I was feeling no pain or wanted to for that matter.

I wish had seen this next room before writing on fences, as there were two full walls filled with a stunning display of barbwire! Never knew there were so many kinds, wonder if you did? It almost felt like each was the signature of the fence men working at it. Maybe…



And how far have we come with the telephone?… Look at your cell phone hanging by you, this little gadget that even takes pictures and plays music, even more gets you on the Internet all over the World, and now you can look at this central telephone system with bells ringing for different numbers, wires all over the place minus the telephone operator who I am sure was having a blast listening to the conversations! This is what makes the Whitehead Museum so interesting. It takes you back to the old times when everything was just starting to be invented. We have moved so fast in today’s world of gadgets, communication, entertainment, I just don’t think that the mind has progressed quite as fast however.


The Cabose was in operation till 1985, it was brought to the Museum in 1986 and has remained original. With sleeping quarters, restroom, a couple benches… what a way to travel the country!

In another building, remember, 21 exhibits! the Cadena Nativity was the largest Nativity scene I had ever seen. So large that I was not able to take a picture of the whole width. It took Mrs B. Cadena a lifetime to achieve it. You have to see to believe it as the picture does not do justice.

A log cabin fully furnished, a blacksmith shop, there was even a small garage, a fire engine. The barn with Native Indian Artifacts, prehistoric Artifacts also, I think it would take days to show it all. I will leave some out so you can go and see it for yourself next time you pass through Del Rio. Even if you just want to spend just a couple hours it will be well worth it. I think you might see everything around you by then a little bit differently…


Spirit does this every time I feed him! But today, outside, with his Christmas Present in front of him as I told him to wait… he knows a camera! He does wait… Caption???

Don’t forget the "Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know!

The feedbacks are coming in… this is from real people… with real dogs!!!

* My dogs went crazy over the Spirited Pumpkin Treats!

*I just got the pumpkin doggy treats. JC loves them. He’s prancing around my apartment with one hanging out of his mouth..

* Ara, just wanted you to know someone ordered our dogs some of your treats and they loved them.

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