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A Journey with no Fences or Gates? Texas

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

A piece of land lays ahead of us, larger than life itself. Someone here in Texas has end up, through many generations most likely, being the present owner of it. Some hills on the horizon to the left, a giant mountain to the right, I understand with a Lodge and hunting facilities, even an air strip… and a "fence"… and a "gate" starring at me. "Wikipedia" says a fence is "to provide privacy" "to keep livestock in or predators out" "to prevent trespassing or theft and/or to keep children and pets from wandering away". We are only allowed to travel on this man made black top ribbon that takes us in between those "fences" which has so much become part of the physical Journey, taking us here and there while thinking about the "fences" of our parallel spiritual Journey.

Someone asked me yesterday, if there was only one thing, one aspect of our Journey that I would be allowed to keep if it ever ended, "what would it be?". What it would be is a dimension that was not here just a bit over a year ago, I call it the "space" we are in, the "zone". The mental waveless body of Life we have been navigating on, where the colors are brighter, the senses sharper, the vision deeper, the smiles wider in this inner world of us… with "no fences". Nothing but only our surrounding provides us with our privacy, the gates are always open and the words have been flowing as you can read them freely on this vehicle called the "Internet". It has been reflecting our daily lives openly, just as it is, with no restrictions, no barb wires pointing in any directions, no cement posts with "no trespassing" inscriptions, the flow of strangers becoming friends has never stopped… either in cyber space or in our daily outings.

There are no fences where we are camping right now, only here and there a pile of superimposed rocks will let the owner know its boundaries. Some posts not interconnected stand by, mere shadows reminding the passer by of its presence… do not abuse me it cries out, I have been here for centuries, come and step on my grounds but be gentle so I will last forever.  As our "Journey", this land does not project any boundaries, it reflects its freedom to be enjoyed in its fullness.

But the "fences" of Life, as it also has been for centuries, so sadly even unconsciously or consciously for some, are here somehow, even with their gates ajar, unlocked with absent imaginary keys, they are up regardless of any desire of a world we might want to define as "utopia". I was going to write "it seems"… but I know better, proven over and over, that "it is", sadly, the human imperfection in all of us to trespass in others Lives and create, with sometimes such diligence, a dark moment filtered in through our own unlocked "gate". As much as we ourselves try to stay afloat in our own "space", making tracks through "unfenced" patches, it sadly happens to us also. And as it is not a daily reoccurrence, a rare one I should say,the impact becomes even harder compared to the times of our life when living within the flow of the mainstream.

It makes me wonder if we need our fences put back up? If maybe the gate should be again locked? What would it do to the free flow of this Journey? What restrictions would it impose? And thinking again, about the same person that asked me the question above also asking me "if someone would join us what would they experience and gain of the days spend together"? Is their any avoidance without fences to go freely through Life without hurt? Which way is the scale going to sway as we are standing freely in our "present now"?

I have been watching the fences passing by us for all those miles ridden, noticing their different structures, sometimes different even when encircling the same piece of land. Some are thick wood sticks with two thinner ones in between. They probably cost less and I always wondered where those sticks came from as there are no forests and trees near by. Some fences have all metal posts as they stand out painted green with white tops as the ultimate man made warning of no trespassing. Some are deeply rooted in the ground as others have little piles of rocks surrounding them where the fence makes a 90 degree turn. Some in other States are literally short and thinner logs intricately positioned as see-saws going on for miles and miles. I have seen just rocks used as fences, a cement wall with embedded beer cans and wine bottles… expensive!… Some beautiful white picket fences in Kentucky encircling beautifully manicured green land… and I know that I have missed many.

What kind of fence should we have? or should we?… I don’t like fences… I don’t like gates… locks… keys… barbwire… They denote a slice of humanity that I don’t care to think about. Remembering that, as I wrote one day, I am just an old hippie… "Peace and Love". Or am I just too naive… and is it "naivety" only that will take us for the remaining years on this path trying to find the Peace, Love and Harmony so deeply searched. Or should I just put up with the ability of someone entering our own open space and laying their insensitivity for only us to see and feel?

I felt "used" on Thanksgiving, when a reader knowing of our words through this Blog, set us up to cook. It is a passion of mine, but I also make a living out of it. It was received well, as I was told a unique experience, and as we live on the road it was considered a great day of work. My "fences" were down, they have been for a long time and my labor was rewarded by an astonishing reply… "and we appreciated a gift from a friend". My reply only came to me too late "we do too… we do too…" Friends are many, I truly cherish them all, close ones, some I consider my Family, some acquaintances, as I also know, and I wish I could have, that a gift in this situation could not have been. This one warranted some consideration toward me… us. The gracious host and hostess of the home we were in did take it upon themselves to truly reward us for the day, total strangers at the time… kind souls.

Experiences are always positive… I learned to set parameters ahead of an event, I use to, did not think that the obvious was needed… even though it was written here a while back regarding my on the road services… As I always say "School never closes its doors"! The fences have not been in existence for so long… as we ride by them everyday, I don’t think I also want them up in our Life… I was just wondering out loud… will keep things as they are!

As always, be well…

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