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En route to Mojave Preserve, CA.

Monday, January 29th, 2007

 We left early today, I was up at 4am!… just to check out the stars in the skies for the last time from my point of view… I know, it is all the same, but not really to me… seems to have a different perspective from each camping area… might catch a falling stars… who knows… I have seen some incredible ones… that is just me I take that time for it!

Direction?… north to eventually reach Mojave Preserve. High Desert and most likely cold.

We started east on 78 and head north on 86, passed Salton Sea again, the sceneries changing with not much time to look at… reaching Indio… the traffic madness started. I-10… who would have ever known that I would be on I-10 as I avoid Freeways once reaching a destination, and Southern California was my destination.

Only a few miles… Fueled in Indio, trying to find a Walmart for that list that I have been carrying, of course I got lost, never finding it, and back on I-10 very shortly after.

The windmills were cool to look at, but were not running today… I have seen some of the blades being carried by semis, one blade per load… we were just talking about it last night around a good bye fire set up by my neighbors.

So strange to know that Los Angeles was only about 100 miles from were I was… LA is, I have no other word for me… makes me nervous! A fear of it?… maybe. I have to go in sometime soon… how will I do that? Yucca Valley came up, seems that I am in a different world now, and with my luck a Walmart was in sight. Happened to be a small one… all my prescriptions are with them… this one has no refill… I guess Monday will start the procedure of many phone calls to this one Doctor that believes in answering machines… I know it, I have been through it… Maybe I can devise some emergency scenario and get some results… immediately.

 Food 4 Less, another stop, nice store! Very nice, had been a while since such a nice array of produce… and everything else that my shrinking stomach desires! Can’t forget the milk and cookies… my new addiction as I know that has to come to an end soon if I don’t want to buy new pants in the very near future! We push on a little further, Twenty Nine Palms. Tonight is time for a real campground… fill everything with water, a real shower instead of the trickling device called sun shower, regroup for the coming days. Ah! RV Park!… What pleasure are these people finding from moving around in these giant homes on wheels, only to end up being packed like sardines in this narrow can they call RV Park!… Just another social aspect of life I imagine… Filled with mirrors, chandeliers bouncing and small dogs yapping! I understand a living quarter a bit larger than my 6 ½ X 6 ½ space… but some of these vehicles are just too incredible… Not to mention, a funny fact, that as I travel and s come upon motels, hotels… they are the ones parked on the side of their parking lot… renting a room for the night!… Go figure…

But we are here… it was a bad choice today… right one the road… 12 miles from the bathrooms… the Wi Fi signal is so weak that it flickers more off than one. My BroadBand card however has 5+ bars… I can easily catch up with my friends E Mails… after all, it has not even been a day since I have left the serene and peaceful site in Anza Borrego. I have plenty of time to cook tonight…

Picked up some great pork shops… my favorite potatoes… some fresh produce… and I will not mention ever again dessert for me!

I have no clue what my reception will be these coming days in Mojave Preserve… I honestly am eager for this antenna of mine! I might never then come back to civilization and just stay out amongst the children of Mother Nature. I have my list of places to go… thanks to a friend of mine… at least I hope she is… as I have not met her yet!… you will when I do… who has send me so many links on all the places I need to go around here, including many BLM (free camping…) areas and many little towns not to miss.

Amboy, Bagdad (where that “movie” was filmed…), Desert Springs, Needles… Kelso Dunes, Kingston Range Wilderness, Mesquite Mountain Wilderness, Old Woman Mountain Wilderness, Pinte Mountain Wilderness… and the list goes on and on… this does not even include the attractions inside the Reserve and Parks… Mitchell Caverns… Cima Dome… will be busy, no doubt.

It has been three months on the road now, sometimes I have to look back… have a vision of it all, a feel for what I am doing with however no clue of where I am going.

It has been good, it has been filled with discoveries, I have truly enjoyed sharing it all with you readers and friends, and that part has been the most rewarding part. Receiving E mails has made me feel not quite alone in this Journey… knowing that children of some readers always ask how Spirit is doing makes me smile, knowing that my focus and writing on life regardless of my own unfortunate past experience has helped a few, themselves coming forward to embrace life again, has made me feel even better… I am away for the day to day dart throwing, obstacle rising filled life… I have time to get into deep into what the meaning of it all is… This Journey has so many facets, I just hope that life itself gives me time to discover them all.

Spirit himself is a changed dog!… again, I know I have mentioned this before, he has been these past few days just a much happier dog!… suddenly he is even closer to me than he has ever been, we are like one!… I think if he could glue himself to me he would… he does with his eyes which never leave my sight!…


To my new friends… to my old friends… I knnow this is only the beginning!

Be well…

Ara & Spirit