1,895 Days later, 700th Entry… TX

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

"Two trains passing each other in the dark, their headlights on high beams scanning, searching, wind pool, the ground and Life itself shakes. Soon the silence recaptures the stage present, the sparks no more glow on the rails, all again is quiet. The smell of metal to metal dissipates. Maybe another time, another space, maybe they will stop? Maybe… Some day?" 

Beautiful roads in Big Bend Park.


It was a couple rough days. January takes me on that path. The one I relive from 8 years past. The last days of Lance’s loss as I have come to terms with myself, this has been his loss as much as mine. Maybe more. There is no price tag stapled, there are no apples and oranges to compare, it is all within, we are both up and going together even if the physical entities do not match. A relapse, mine, the Human kind, what else is there? Two Dear Friends wrote to me yesterday, a couple more today, what a great uplift. They shared their own obstacles of Life. They opened up as never before as I now felt their own space and could communicate. I feel often selfish as yet my imposition is on no one but myself. The days past went on hazy, as fog had taken place on this stage replacing the beautiful weather we have presently. Short sleeve T Shirt after high noon. I only realized it a while ago when I emerged from it all and went on step by step confronting again this present with a due Gratitude and a ride throughout Big Bend Park at first stopping in Terlingua where always a surprise photo or two awaits.

Sotol Look Out-3

Sotol Look Out-4

Sotol Look Out-5

What an incredible battle. These are the moments which at times make me feel so old, so slow, owing time while wondering which way is this all taking me. Feeling too much, thinking too much. Time to be awaken. Diversion is good. Mother Nature heals and so does the roads ahead. Change of plans, not a surprise from past experiences. My Mother decided to not come to Naples, FL, till October. No reason now for us to go East and put on an incredible mileage. We will head West for a while without much of a destination. New Mexico? Curious about Bisti which is BLM land. I have seen photos and they are mesmerizing. Push a bit further? Who knows. We are equipped for the cold, I am actually wanting to camp on the snow… and probably wish then it would be warmer! I don’t this this is going to be my smartest decision. So we are getting ready. An oil change, a new speedometer cable, rear brake pads park plugs and a rear tire. I should be able to handle it all in one day’s time. I am slow when it comes to mechanical doings.

Sotol Look Out-6

Sotol Look Out-7

Sotol Look Out-8

Emerge… keep emerging… Every morning these past days I have seen a shooting Star on my first glimpse out of darkness. Wishes are made, thoughts take place, a smile forms and I hear "it’s all good". It has to be, effort is placed, one step at the time, going up right now. The elevator should not have too many more stops. I cannot help suddenly being excited about the snow I am envisioning. "Sherpa" will get us there safely and "Old Faithful" will take us around while there with much desires after riding on a trailer to point "mystery".

Sotol Look Out-11

Sotol Look Out-10

Sotol Look Out-14

I know and feel my words in recent past as in "previous entry" might have been strong, or wide open to a mind here which incessantly travels even when still. It has generated a flow of words from Friends which had never as such before spoken. I felt "honored", I felt… the word escapes me, it is "good", I felt "trustworthy" of being the recipient of their own feelings as so many are of my own even if so I write for my companion "The Journal". Yes, I am happy about that, I did not expect such outpour. It is as so many now are on this stage all together as it does not matter if physically we are or not as if a curtain has been raised and here we all are conversing with our Hearts wide open.

Sotol Look Out-17

Sotol Look Out-22

Magic was yesterday as the skies filled with clouds moving fast and the Sun in full dress playing the lights with welcomed notes. Into the Park, "Big Bend Park", always the refuge for the mind and the Soul. The serene and quiet and such vast space always welcoming, always filled with more surprises regardless how many times we have been there. Down this road and up that road catching the hills at times shaded and other times illuminated by the end of the day with their golden glow only lasting minutes. The "golden hour" they call it, the hour to reminisce on the day as having waited for such a Gift it was, yesterday.  

Sotol Look Out-26

There is a strong anticipation about our moving on. Winter times, cold, lets go and meet the snow, lets change the vision, lets sharpen the senses. Lets have some adventures for the soul as all is so related. I look at the map and realize that Bisti is way North. How cold will it be? I feel it, already. There are many other spaces and I know will be laid out ahead of us. Or a right or a left. The road is always crooked. We like it that way…

Sotol Look Out-29

Sotol Look Out-31

Sotol Look Out-36

Till next time…

Our Photos are on “Smugmug”. The “One-Pan” Recipe store is open. Trying to share and fueling the tank.  Thank you.

Be well, Ara and Spirit

  Sotol Look Out-38

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6 Responses to “1,895 Days later, 700th Entry… TX”

  1. scruffy Says:

    your photos of Big Bend have me longing for April when I hope Ms. Daisy and I will once again travel thru. Thanks for sharing from your soul Ara. Spirit is stylin’ in that new shirt! Be well dear man, travel safe, and be warm in the snow!

  2. Dee Says:

    Again, more WOW pictures -they are beautiful. I wish we had those clouds in So. Cal. ! Spirit will surely win the 2012 most handsome in that new shirt! The two of you may have to learn to ski in the snow…looking forward to gorgeous snow pics as well! Be safe, warm, and continue to be happy as well!

  3. jusbarron Says:

    Love the cloud photos…obviously. You really need to pack up and head for the Bisti (just like I need a better camera).

  4. greg Says:

    Ride safe my friend. As a Canadian I can tell you that the novilty of camping in the snow will soon fade, enjoy it, just be sure to dress warm. There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

  5. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara, After traveling quietly (mostly) with you for three years and sharing your joys, marvels, humor and trials of travel with “Old Faithful”, please know that we take some quiet moments to share with you, and your friends, too, who have lost children, tender thoughts of sympathy and gratitude for sharing Lance and your life with us. Looking forward to many more years of travel with you & Spirit,
    Zelda “Pam”

  6. texascindy Says:

    Oh my…I get the train quote now…the pictures are breathtaking. I know I’ve said that before but these…oh wow…these just get me. Sotol Vista is, without a doubt, special. I’m not sure why but we can sit there, or stand, or walk around up there for hours and never get bored with the view. You have captured the “special” I find there. The video was great fun! I could feel the wind and smell the smells. Love how Spirit really leaned toward you on that last big curve! That one always makes me a bit wary as well. But the view! You can see forever. Thank you!

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